Once upon a time there was a girl with a soul full of longing for advertising. In the July morning of 2007, she sailed to seek the island of challenges. She had only one wealth – a window with countless stars. In storms and sunny days, she met ships full of people with hearts dedicated to designing, marketing and events. They all united, driven by the power of their passion and reached their island.

They named it Inventstream.

Why Inventstream?

Because the flow of ideas creates endless opportunities for business development. Because we create something new, creative and successful.

And we do not stop.

We offer value added services. Individual approach and personal attitude are our responsibility.

An advertisement is a conversation. We know and understand the client so well that we are constantly striving for the success of his business.

Some people see existing things in the present and ask “Why?” We see non-existent things in the future and ask “Why not?”